Tea Time is Every Time with Fresh, Sparkling ChaiElixir Flavors

February 2, 2015

Vivid with glass

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (March 2015) — Remember the hit single “It’s five o’clock somewhere” by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet? While this song suggests an acceptable time for a boozy drink, some indulgences –like tea – can be enjoyed throughout the day. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even highlights tea as a “magical elixir”, shown to promote weight loss, prevent chronic illness, and improve mood. Don’t just drink any kind of tea; make it a daily, delicious indulgence with ChaiElixir. A leading provider of premium green, white, and oolong teas in delicious sparkling beverages, ChaiElixir (www.chaielixir.com) offers a different, exotic tea treat specially catered to each time of day.

“Tea time” is all the time with ChaiElixir’s complex and delicious flavors. Inspired by the quality experience of tea, ChaiElixir combines natural teas, worldly spices, and fruit infusions with gentle carbonation for a brand new tea experience. Three delicate flavors each use the different properties of green, white, and oolong tea for crisp refreshment: Fusion, Essence, and Vivid. When paired with the flow of one’s daily routine, ChaiElixir sparkling tea beverages enhance the hour with natural caffeine, intricate flavor, and enriching antioxidants.

As the morning approaches midday, ChaiElixir provides a new way to enjoy caffeine. Fusion pairs the full-bodied flavor of oolong tea with sweet vanilla undertones and a touch of citrus for an enlivening morning sip. The richness of these flavors is both awakening and satisfying, while oolong is one of the most highly caffeinated teas.

ChaiElixir Essence pairs floral white tea blossoms with sweet peach nectar for a silky, subtle respite. Linked to anti-microbial benefits, white tea heals the body while soothing the taste buds with its natural sweetness and delicacy.

Evening lulls are best accompanied by soothing green tea, found in ChaiElixir Vivid. Green tea not only provides a healthy dose of antioxidants, but also supports the immune system and promotes restful sleep.

At any hour, ChaiElixir sparkling tea beverages offer fragrant flavor and beneficial nutrients to make the most out of the day. As Pace University microbiologist Milton Schiffenbauer, Ph.D. says, “Study after study on tea extract proves that it has many healing properties. This is not an old wives tale, it’s a fact.”

So go ahead – indulge and experience “Refreshing Effervescence” any time of the day with ChaiElixir. Preview all three unique ChaiElixir flavors here: www.chaielixir.com.

About ChaiElixir
ChaiElixir, LLC was established in 2012 by Wonny Kim with the purpose of providing an exquisite and quality chai experience in a bottle. With compelling visual packaging, complex yet approachable flavor profiles and just the right amount of carbonation and caffeine, the brand is positioned as a clean, new and all-natural alternative to the Ready To Drink (RTD) market. ChaiElixir has crafted three refreshing flavors full of natural anti-oxidants and the right amount of caffeine to invigorate both body and mind. ChaiElixir can be purchased online at www.mybrands.com.

For more information about ChaiElixir please visit www.chaielixir.com. Find ChaiElixir on Facebook (Facebook.com/ChaiElixir) and follow on Twitter @ChaiElixir for general updates and promotional offers. For media related inquiries, product samples, or to set up an interview with Wonny Kim, founding CEO of ChaiElixir, please contact Lauren Haines of Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or via email at lhaines@christiecomm.com.

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