Video: Mixologist Jason Walsh & ChaiElixir

February 3, 2015


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Video: Mixologist Jason Walsh & ChaiElixir

February 3, 2015


Vodka Chai: Two Refreshing Ingredients, One Unique Summertime Cocktail

February 2, 2015


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (May, 2015) — What goes well with a relaxing day poolside or around a fire pit with friends? A cold, refreshing cocktail, of course! Delicious flavor, an elegant glass, and the perfect cocktail mixer create a sophisticated, luxurious experience, but standard specialty cocktails are often loaded with sugar and sodium , providing intense, saccharine flavor and lamentable physical consequences. Don’t let overcomplicated, dissatisfactory cocktails kill the buzz; keep the mood alive with refreshingly simple summertime cocktail mixer, ChaiElixir ( Saving summer bliss, ChaiElixir, a brand of natural, reduced-sugar sparkling chai teas, introduces the Vodka Chai, a simple, two ingredient, delicious cocktail made with ChaiElixir Fusion.

ChaiElixir Fusion offers the rich, dignified flavor of smooth oolong tea with subtly sweet vanilla notes. The delicious Vodka Chai cocktail is simply made with two parts non-alcoholic ChaiElixir Fusion and one part vodka of choice, for a quick yet elegant cocktail. Enjoy on the rocks, or finished with an orange peel, cinnamon stick, or other spice garnish for an added touch of “Refreshing Effervescence”.

“One of the great appeals of ChaiElixir is its ability to produce high-quality cocktails in a time efficient manner,” says Wonny Kim, Founder and CEO of ChaiElixir. “ChaiElixir bold, sparkling teas enhance a variety of liquors, enabling event hosts to effortlessly serve drinks that guests love. Vodka Chai is an easy to make, yet impressive cocktail to serve at parties or enjoy during a moment of relaxation.”

In addition to Fusion, ChaiElixir offers two other decadent flavors; Vivid, a blend of crisp green tea and citrus, and Essence, a combination of white tea and delicious peach infusions. These bubbly drinks are bottled in elegant glass with a convenient twist off top for quick and easy access. This line of reduced-sugar, sparkling, chai teas are a great non-alcoholic offering at parties and events, but each also pairs with favorite liquors to create a quick, simple, yet outstanding cocktail.

Soft vanilla notes and bold oolong tea flavor in ChaiElixir Fusion create endless possibilities for simple and sophisticated cocktail creations. Enjoy days by the pool and warm evening gatherings with uniquely delicious, refreshing ChaiElixir cocktails.
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Tea Time is Every Time with Fresh, Sparkling ChaiElixir Flavors

February 2, 2015

Vivid with glass

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (March 2015) — Remember the hit single “It’s five o’clock somewhere” by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet? While this song suggests an acceptable time for a boozy drink, some indulgences –like tea – can be enjoyed throughout the day. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even highlights tea as a “magical elixir”, shown to promote weight loss, prevent chronic illness, and improve mood. Don’t just drink any kind of tea; make it a daily, delicious indulgence with ChaiElixir. A leading provider of premium green, white, and oolong teas in delicious sparkling beverages, ChaiElixir ( offers a different, exotic tea treat specially catered to each time of day.

“Tea time” is all the time with ChaiElixir’s complex and delicious flavors. Inspired by the quality experience of tea, ChaiElixir combines natural teas, worldly spices, and fruit infusions with gentle carbonation for a brand new tea experience. Three delicate flavors each use the different properties of green, white, and oolong tea for crisp refreshment: Fusion, Essence, and Vivid. When paired with the flow of one’s daily routine, ChaiElixir sparkling tea beverages enhance the hour with natural caffeine, intricate flavor, and enriching antioxidants.

As the morning approaches midday, ChaiElixir provides a new way to enjoy caffeine. Fusion pairs the full-bodied flavor of oolong tea with sweet vanilla undertones and a touch of citrus for an enlivening morning sip. The richness of these flavors is both awakening and satisfying, while oolong is one of the most highly caffeinated teas.

ChaiElixir Essence pairs floral white tea blossoms with sweet peach nectar for a silky, subtle respite. Linked to anti-microbial benefits, white tea heals the body while soothing the taste buds with its natural sweetness and delicacy.

Evening lulls are best accompanied by soothing green tea, found in ChaiElixir Vivid. Green tea not only provides a healthy dose of antioxidants, but also supports the immune system and promotes restful sleep.

At any hour, ChaiElixir sparkling tea beverages offer fragrant flavor and beneficial nutrients to make the most out of the day. As Pace University microbiologist Milton Schiffenbauer, Ph.D. says, “Study after study on tea extract proves that it has many healing properties. This is not an old wives tale, it’s a fact.”

So go ahead – indulge and experience “Refreshing Effervescence” any time of the day with ChaiElixir. Preview all three unique ChaiElixir flavors here:

About ChaiElixir
ChaiElixir, LLC was established in 2012 by Wonny Kim with the purpose of providing an exquisite and quality chai experience in a bottle. With compelling visual packaging, complex yet approachable flavor profiles and just the right amount of carbonation and caffeine, the brand is positioned as a clean, new and all-natural alternative to the Ready To Drink (RTD) market. ChaiElixir has crafted three refreshing flavors full of natural anti-oxidants and the right amount of caffeine to invigorate both body and mind. ChaiElixir can be purchased online at

For more information about ChaiElixir please visit Find ChaiElixir on Facebook ( and follow on Twitter @ChaiElixir for general updates and promotional offers. For media related inquiries, product samples, or to set up an interview with Wonny Kim, founding CEO of ChaiElixir, please contact Lauren Haines of Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or via email at

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ChaiElixir Expands Reach & Distribution

February 2, 2015


Oklahoma City, OK (November, 2014) – The ready-to-drink (RTD) tea market continues to increase rapidly; In fact, spending in this category from 2012 to 2014 increased from $6.7 billion to $8 billion. This growth is attributed to a number of factors, including convenience, the perceived health benefits of tea and the shift away from high-sugar soft drinks, says John Crandall, Vice President of Sales for Amelia Bay, citing market research and sales data. Providing a crisp sparkling beverage with delicious tea flavors, ChaiElixir® ( expands its distribution in 10 stores and over 29 locations across 7 new states in October 2014. By connecting with more grocery and natural retail channels across the United States, ChaiElixir offers a delicious, unique tea-based beverage to the increased number of Americans turning away from traditional sodas.

ChaiElixir is an exclusive brand of all-natural, sparkling tea-based beverages. Each elixir is enriched by exotic flavors of caffeinated teas, and is enhanced with fruit infusions and spices from around the world. Previously available in 10 U.S. states, ChaiElixir recently expanded to new locations in Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, North Dakota, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Among the natural food retailers and grocery stores now carrying ChaiElixir are ACME Market, Porter’s Thriftway, Healthwise Natural Foods, and Chevy Chase Supermarket.

Reaching various outlets from convenience stores to natural food outlets, ChaiElixir is available in the following flavors:

Essence – a cheerful blend of white peach nectar and sparkling white tea for an effervescent experience

Fusion – smooth vanilla lightly infused in robust oolong tea surprises the palate with complex, sparkling flavor

Vivid – sparkling green tea is paired with a hint of natural citrus flavors and spices for a bright, refreshing finish

“New sales of ChaiElixir demonstrate the continued desire for caffeinated refreshment and enjoyment of carbonated beverages,” says Wonny Kim, CEO of ChaiElixir. “We are motivated to deliver interesting flavors without excess sugar in these sparkling Chai teas.”

With naturally occurring antioxidants and half the sugar content of the average soda, ChaiElixir offers a healthy beverage and the fine, quality experience of Chai in every sleek, glass bottle. With its recent availability in a variety of new outlets, ChaiElixir reaches a brand new consumer base with its delicious, sparkling Chai teas.

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Throwing your best friend a bridal shower? Prosecco and Essence ChaiElixir is a fairy tale pairing for a classy occasion. #sparklingchaiteas

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Congratulations to @nicoleskitchen for winning a 6 pack of our sparkling ChaiElixir tea. Thank you to everyone who entered our very first giveaway! Please continue to follow us and be a part of our chai experience. #winner #sparklingchaiteas

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The carbonation and caffeine in ChaiElixir perks us up for a fun night till the sun rises. Hey Mr. DJ we're ready to dance the night away! #saturdaynight #sparklingchaiteas

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Fusion Oolong tea ChaiElixir has a refreshing twist of lime and vanilla. Mix it with rum or vodka for a cool cocktail on a warm day. #sparklingchaitea

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Switch out soda for ChaiElixir teas & sleeping in for morning yoga - it's time for Spring Cleaning! #sparklingchaitea

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Nothing brightens the flavor of bourbon like Vivid ginger & citrus green sparkling tea. #sparklingtea #happyhour #redemptionbourbon

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