Vodka Chai: Two Refreshing Ingredients, One Unique Summertime Cocktail

February 2, 2015


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (May, 2015) — What goes well with a relaxing day poolside or around a fire pit with friends? A cold, refreshing cocktail, of course! Delicious flavor, an elegant glass, and the perfect cocktail mixer create a sophisticated, luxurious experience, but standard specialty cocktails are often loaded with sugar and sodium , providing intense, saccharine flavor and lamentable physical consequences. Don’t let overcomplicated, dissatisfactory cocktails kill the buzz; keep the mood alive with refreshingly simple summertime cocktail mixer, ChaiElixir ( Saving summer bliss, ChaiElixir, a brand of natural, reduced-sugar sparkling chai teas, introduces the Vodka Chai, a simple, two ingredient, delicious cocktail made with ChaiElixir Fusion.

ChaiElixir Fusion offers the rich, dignified flavor of smooth oolong tea with subtly sweet vanilla notes. The delicious Vodka Chai cocktail is simply made with two parts non-alcoholic ChaiElixir Fusion and one part vodka of choice, for a quick yet elegant cocktail. Enjoy on the rocks, or finished with an orange peel, cinnamon stick, or other spice garnish for an added touch of “Refreshing Effervescence”.

“One of the great appeals of ChaiElixir is its ability to produce high-quality cocktails in a time efficient manner,” says Wonny Kim, Founder and CEO of ChaiElixir. “ChaiElixir bold, sparkling teas enhance a variety of liquors, enabling event hosts to effortlessly serve drinks that guests love. Vodka Chai is an easy to make, yet impressive cocktail to serve at parties or enjoy during a moment of relaxation.”

In addition to Fusion, ChaiElixir offers two other decadent flavors; Vivid, a blend of crisp green tea and citrus, and Essence, a combination of white tea and delicious peach infusions. These bubbly drinks are bottled in elegant glass with a convenient twist off top for quick and easy access. This line of reduced-sugar, sparkling, chai teas are a great non-alcoholic offering at parties and events, but each also pairs with favorite liquors to create a quick, simple, yet outstanding cocktail.

Soft vanilla notes and bold oolong tea flavor in ChaiElixir Fusion create endless possibilities for simple and sophisticated cocktail creations. Enjoy days by the pool and warm evening gatherings with uniquely delicious, refreshing ChaiElixir cocktails.
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